Church Library

The Church Library is a storehouse of good reading and viewing material for all ages and tastes. On the right as you enter are mostly non-fiction books arranged (roughly!) according to the following categories:

1) Bibles

2) Biographies (including Bible characters)

3) Christian World View

5) Church History

6) Commentaries

7) Difficult Issues (i.e.. Counseling, etc.)

8) Creation

9) Worship

10) Theology

11) Education

18) Reference Books

Category 4 includes Holiday Books which are located on the back side of the mobile shelf cart behind the Children’s books.

The category number and the first two or three letters of the author’s name appear on the spine label of each book. In the case of biographies, the initials of the subject usually replace the author’s name. (A Card Catalog with author, title, and subject cards is available next to the desk to help you locate what you are looking for.)

Displays of new books and DVDs can be found under the non-fiction shelves as well as the notebook for signing out magazines. The Library subscribes to Christianity Today and World Magazine. There are some old copies of Church History  available for borrowing. as well

The left hand side of the library has some less serious reading material in categories 12 –20:

12)  Evangelism

13) Marriage and Family

14) Fiction

15) The Arts

16) Christian Growth

17) Missions

19) Young Adult

20) Children

There is some overlap in these categories, but we hope that the spine labels and group numbers provide enough guidelines to help you use the library.

There is usually a Library Committee member in the library before and after the Morning Service who can assist you in finding what you are looking for.

A list of the categories as well as a simple description of how to borrow and return books, videos, and DVDs is located near the drop-off box  just to the left as you enter the library.

Videos, CDs and DVDs including Norm Koop’s sermons occupy various shelves at the back of the library – and you just have to look them over to find what you want. The Library Committee has yet to find a fail-safe way to display them in orderly fashion!

Several times a year we have a “freebie table” where outdated or duplicate books are displayed for the taking. This includes books that have been donated which don’t comply with our needs. There is a basket in the narthex with a rotating supply of free books and magazines and people are encouraged to help themselves.


TO BORROW books, videos, or DVDs remove the circulation card from the pocket on the inside back cover of books or the inside cover of  the video or DVD. Sign your FULL name and the date (including the year) and place the card in one of the sign out boxes. There is one attached to the display case in the hallway, on the table of books near the entrance to the Billings Room, and a basket just inside the door to the library on your left by the Book Return drawer.

PARENTS: Please supervise your children in the sign-out process. Cards signed Kim or Joe with no other identification make it hard to follow up on overdue items.

Books may be kept out for a month, DVDs and videos for two weeks, but the sooner they can be returned the better so others can use them.

TO RETURN borrowed items simply drop them through the slot in the Book Return drawer just inside the library door on the left. DO NOT attempt to shelve them or to look for the card; that is the responsibility of the Library Committee.

PLEASE DO NOT DONATE BOOKS without first checking with a member of the committee. Our shelf space is very limited and we necessarily  have to make stringent choices. Many of the books donated are duplicates or too outdated to be of value and will simply end up on one of our “freebie” tables.

QUESTIONS? Please email