Senior Pastor Position Description

The Senior Pastor will provide spiritual leadership to FCCW by equipping the congregation through gospel-centered preaching/teaching, Christ-centered pastoral care/biblical counseling, and biblical visionary leadership.


Salvation: A clear and demonstrable testimony of faith in Jesus Christ.

Character: Consistent, Christ-like character and lifestyle, fulfilling the biblical leadership style depicted in Scripture ((I Timothy 3:2-4, Titus 1:7-9; Matthew 9:36, Acts 20:17-20, Philippians 2:5-8).  Must exhibit the qualifications of an elder described in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.

Doctrine: Agreement with the Doctrinal Statement and Bylaws of FCCW, and be committed to teaching in conformity with Scripture and the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Preaching/Teaching: Skilled in gospel-centered expository preaching that relates truth to life.  Thorough biblical/theological training and a commitment to biblically-based congregational life and ministry.  Equip people at all stages of faith with a deepening knowledge of the Word, teaching them to apply biblical principles in their daily lives and in ministry to others.

Demonstrated knowledge of the Bible; strong preaching skills with the ability to proclaim the Gospel and lead people to conviction/repentance of sin, and saving faith in Jesus Christ as the risen Savior and Son of God.  Train, encourage and build-up the body of Christ to maturity in the Word and faith.

Administration: Competent in organization, administration, biblical counseling, and interpersonal relationships.

Shepherding/Leadership: Clear giftedness of the spiritual gifts of pastor/shepherd (Ephesians 4:11), teacher (1 Corinthians 12:28, Romans 12:7, Ephesians 4:11), leader (Romans 12:8), and of encouragement/exhortation (Romans 12:8).  Clear evidence of calling to the pastorate.  Demonstrated communication skills with ability to relate to people of all ages.

Ministry Experience: A minimum of 5 years pastoral experience but 10-20 years preferred.  Experience leading a congregation by regular preaching and teaching responsibilities within a traditional worship service format.

Education: M.Div. or Th.M. required.

Responsibilities and Pastoral Duties

Specific pastoral responsibilities and duties include:

  • Lead the congregation in prayer, preach and teach the Word, as well as administer the sacraments in Sunday worship and other services.
  • Provide general pastoral care, including visitation and assistance to persons, crisis care, counseling and officiating at weddings, baptisms and funerals or memorials as requested.
  • Lead the development of new and existing leaders from the laity.
  • Embrace and nurture the church family, striving to build unity, healing and fellowship, and reaching out to strengthen existing, inactive and new member relationships and connections. Guide the congregation in ever-deepening personal and corporate prayer.
  • Provide overall vision and leadership to FCCW. Work with the elders to organize and develop the church’s ministry, by helping to identify areas of change and growth over time.
  • Manage those appointed to assist in the music ministry and public worship of the church
  • Represent the church to the community.

Compensation and Housing

Compensation package for the Senior Pastor will be commensurate with experience and will include housing in a large, beautiful, restored parsonage close to the church.